Brava Sport
251 reviews
$3.99 / 100g skein

Versatility meets affordability; Brava is a 100% acrylic yarn that can keep up with all of life’s adventures! Gentle enough for sensitive skin, Brava is an abrasion-resistant yarn that works wonders in projects that require durability and easy care. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, there is no easier-to-use and more reliable fiber than acrylic, perfect for children, new knitters and charity projects. With so much flexibility, generous yardage and a range of bright, vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless for every artisan to enjoy with Brava.

Wool of the Andes Sport
$3.79 / 50g skein

For the sweater you’ll wear a thousand times or the blanket you use every night, our classic wool yarns are carefully spun and blended to achieve a wonderfully balanced twist. Powerful fibers spun from Peruvian wool offer an excellent balance of structure, fluff and drape for a variety of uses. This sturdy, versatile yarn is warm in all kinds of weather, with excellent stitch definition and heirloom durability. It’s ideal for cable sweaters, knitted stitch afghans and everyday accessories. While careful hand washing will keep your stitches fresh and your sweater long-lasting, Andean wool also produces a fine feel under warm water and stirring, creating a fabric that is warmer and more durable than knitting alone.

81 reviews
$5.99 / 50g ball

Lush, brilliant colors inspired by the night sky and shimmering like the stars! Galileo is a sweet and luxurious sport weight yarn that combines the rich softness of merino wool with the bright luster and strength of bamboo. This exquisite blend of luxurious fibers produces a yarn with great stretch and elasticity, while bamboo adds a lovely drape and a silky soft hand – the perfect fiber combination for those with sensitive skin and for special baby projects. Galileo’s dreamy sheen is also perfect for cables and textured stitches, beautifully reflecting light to reveal crisp stitches and delicate details. Whether you indulge your creativity with a lightweight cardigan, an elegant top, or a stunning wrap, you’ll love exploring all of Galileo’s fascinating possibilities!

Shine Sport
114 reviews
$3.99 / 50g skein

The touch of Modal’s natural beech wood fibers gives Bima cotton a depth of luster similar to silk, but without the cost or special care that silk requires. The knitted fabric is soft and smooth to the touch with minimal pilling. Enjoy the way Shine Sport reflects the light of textured stitches and cables; also suitable for two-color knitting. Its easy washability and durable properties make it ideal for baby and children’s knits.

Heatherly Sport
10 reviews
$5.99 / 100g hank

Heatherly’s blend of acrylic and merino wool is perfect for baby blankets and other baby projects that require skin-friendly softness! The cheerful color and white blend offers a wide selection of soft heathered flowers. Available in two weights in both classic pastel colors and soothing darker tones to fit any nursery’s palette.