Aloft Super Kid Mohair
76 reviews
$9.99 / 25g ball

Luxuriously soft, lightweight and breathable, Aloft is a dreamy blend of 72% mohair and 28% silk that you’ll want to weave again and again. Silk provides a radiant core that shimmers and shines through the soft glow of mohair while adding beautiful drape and texture to any shawl, cape or scarf. Try folding Aloft for a denser fabric, or use it with another yarn for a surprisingly warm cardigan or wrap. Whether you use this yarn alone or as an accent, you’ll find that Aloft is a versatile yarn that’s perfect for any project, big or small.

Luminance Hand Painted
14 reviews
$12.74 / 50g hank

Take your luxury knitting to a whole new level, the decadence of 100% silk lace is upgraded in these hand-painted masterpieces. All the superior luster and outstanding drape of Luminance, now carefully hand-dyed in carefully selected color combinations of mutual and similar tones. Carefully selected for visual interest without too much contrast, the colors bring breadth and character without overwhelming the delicate design. Rich neutrals, full-bodied jewel tones and vivid colors that only Luminance can offer, bring new life to your lace with the charm and charisma of hand-painted yarns.

Luminance Lace
58 reviews
$14.99 / 50g hank

Wrap yourself in decadence with our lace-weight, ultra-luxurious 100% silk yarn. Luminance has a stunning depth of color, exceptional luster and great drape, making it the perfect yarn for delicate shawls and flowing scarves. Prepare to revel in the silky smooth feel and fall in love with the radiant glow that reveals lace details. Your eyes will light up when you see – and touch – the brilliance!

Gloss Lace
34 reviews
$7.99 / 50g hank

Gloss Lace is a luxurious blend of soft, supple merino wool with the sheen of silk and the texture of velvet. Because this fiber blend is so well suited for dyeing, Gloss Lace has a large range of beautifully saturated colors. The light on the silk is dazzling, making this yarn perfect for showing off the most intricate lace stitches. With its elegant drape and flow, Gloss Lace is a great choice for a luxurious scarf or scarf – perfect for heirloom knits that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Alpaca Cloud Lace
54 reviews
$8.49 / 50g hank

Alpaca Cloud lace is a soft, lightweight, warm fiber made from 100% baby alpaca. Perfect for shawls and lightweight accessories, Alpaca Cloud can also be doubled up to match the gorgeous outfits you wear regularly. Alpaca Cloud will provide you with endless shades for projects that are sure to become your favorites.